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Environmental information Related Online Training Programs

 Environmental Laws Online Training Programs

Sl. No. Date Topic of the Training Name of the resource person
1 11-09-2020 Faecal Sludge Management Mrs Sujaya Rathi, AICP Urban Specialist
2 12-09-2020 Sustainable Transportation Dr. D R Ravi, EO, KSPCB, Bangalore
3 14-09-2020 Environmental Impact Assessment  Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
4 15-09-2020 Utilization of Industralist Waste in Construction  Dr. M LOKESHWARI Ph.D., GIE, LMISTE, AMASCE
5 16-09-2020 Environmental Impact Assessment(Draft 2020) Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
6 18-09-2020 Development of projects & Environmental Safeguards Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
7 18-09-2020 Impact of Vehicular Pollution Sri D R Kumarswamy, CEO(Rtd), KSPCB, Bangalore
8 19-09-2020 Water Supply and Treatment Dr. M LOKESHWARI Ph.D., GIE, LMISTE, AMASCE
9 21-09-2020 Environment Management Systems( EMS) Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
10 22-09-2020 Controlling Air Pollution Mahesh Kashyap, Former Visiting Scientist IISC 
11 23-09-2020 Urban Development , Industrial Siting and Addressing Environmental Concerns Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
12 24-09-2020 Role of Sewage Treatment Plants and Common Effluent Treatment Plants in Abatement of Water Pollution Sri. Radhe Shyam Balaji Additional Director (Rtd) CPCB, Bangalore
13 25-09-2020 Kyoto Protocol Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
14 25-09-2020 Effect of global Warming Sri D R Kumarswamy, CEO(Rtd), KSPCB, Bangalore
15 26-09-2020 Solid waste Collection and transportation- Design and operation Dr. M. Lokeshwari
16 28-09-2020 Paris Agreement Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
17 29-09-2020 Application of Geo-informatics to identify Groundwater Pollution. Dr. D R Ravi, EO, KSPCB, Bangalore
18 30-09-2020 National Action Plan on Climate Change Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
19 30-09-2020 Ozone hole Impact Sri D R Kumarswamy, CEO(Rtd), KSPCB, Bangalore
20 01-09-2020 Climate Change Risk's and Need for Building Regiliance Dr.Indu.K.Murthy Principal Research Scientist, CSTEP 
21 03-10-2020 Composting system - design and operation – An Environmental friendly approach to convert waste to wealth Dr. M. Lokeshwari
22 05-10-2020 Biodiversity Law Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
23 06-09-2020 Water Sustainability Dr. D R Ravi, EO, KSPCB, Bangalore
24 07-10-2020 Convention on Biological Diversity & two Protocols Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
25 08-10-2020 Self Care During Covid care Dr S Pruthvish , MD, FAMS Public Health Expert, Bangalore  &  Dr. Sridi Prasad Tekur
26 09-10-2020 Biodiversity Act- Conservation Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
27 09-10-2020 Effects of Photochemical pollutants. Sri D R Kumarswamy, CEO(Rtd), KSPCB, Bangalore
28 10-10-2020 Catch every drop- water conservation by rain water harvesting Dr. M. Lokeshwari
29 12-10-2020 Sustainable Use Dr.M.K.Ramesh Prof NLSIU, Bangalore
30 13-09-2020 Environment Vs Economic Development Dr. D R Ravi, EO, KSPCB, Bangalore


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