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EMPRI conducts research on environmental issues. Topics typically have an immediate relevance for society and deal with issues that call for interventions, often urgently. In every case, the work carried out attempts to determine underlying causes and propose viable solutions. The Centre has conducted research work on budding environmental issues in the state as well as the country. From addressing the pit-falls in the current waste management strategies and methods being adopted by the urban local bodies to creating important management tools for ensuring optimal use of natural resources for inclusive sustainable development. Currently the center is working on "Documentation of the Yettinahole Project Sites and Assessment of Cumulative Impact of Multiple Projects in a Forested Landscape". The Centre has been working for different projects and also works in close collaboration with the external consultants.

Completed Projects:

  1. Market Survey on Re-usable e-products Recycled e-Components
  2. Reviewing of Existing Norms and Procedures to Address the Gaps in Environmental Decision makingint the State of Karnataka
  3. Green GSDP Accounting for Agriculture, Water and Forestry; Methodological Issues
  4. Mapping the Network of Procurement of Select Plant Bio-resource – Karnataka Biodiversity Board
  5. Assessment of Current Status of Cauvery River in Karnataka and Study of 300m Buffer Zone on Both Sides of the River


 On-going Projects:

  1. Documentation of the Yettinahole Project Sites and Assessment of Cumulative Impact of Multiple Projects in a Forested Landscape

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