Dept for Sustainable Development and Public Policy

Human development has progressed from sustenance-based living to technologically-enabled sophisticated existence. This change however, is not achieved secularly and there is a wide gap between those at the top and bottom of the pyramid. A large number of people at the bottom of the pyramid struggle to sustain themselves with dignity. This emphasises on the need to provide the benefits of development to them too. Further, economic development has by-produced several social, cultural, political, and environmental issues. There has been a large scale impact on our natural environment resulting in depletion and degradation of natural resources. Environmental degradation constraints the capacity of governments to deal with poverty, hunger, and poor health of citizens. As social and economic developments rest on environmental development, depletion of natural environment negates the possibility for development that is sustainable and enhances wellbeing. The Department for Sustainable Development and Public Policy operates in this context. It aspires to undertake field-based projects and policy research to support policy development. Working in collaboration mode is central to the functioning of this department.


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Development of Co-Management plan for mining activity and Biodiversity conservation for the Mineralized zone in Bellary Landscape.

Ms.Kumari Sonu

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