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Butterfly Monitoring Programme for Karnataka


Why to monitor butterflies?


Butterflies contribute to major ecosystem services such as pollination, serve as food source for higher organisms like reptiles and birds, act as environment indicators for pollution, landscape changes, climate change etc. They are extremely sensitive to changes in the environment. They live on plants, which are affected by the change in climate. Hence diversity of butterflies in a locality serves as the best bio-indicators of impact of climate change and it will be of great use to monitor the butterflies on a long term basis.  Monitoring involves identification and reporting of butterflies in different districts of the state. EMPRI has initiated a Butterfly Monitoring Programme for the whole state of Karnataka.


Identification is the first step to monitor the butterflies


As the butterflies are with diverse colour patterns, identity can be mistaken. Hence a colour based identification tool, a mobile APP (BIA) has been developed to enable the field identification of butterflies. This can be used by any common man in his mobile phone. Continuous monitoring in specific areas can be enabled through public involvement (school children, naturalists, youths, forest departmental officials etc.)

About Butterfly Identification App (Pathanga


In Butterfly Identification App (Pathanga), butterflies are categorized as per their major colours (black, orange, yellow, white, brown and blue). Colour button will guide you to the butterflies with same major colour on wings. The identification submitted by the user through BIA will get transferred to a Dashboard of the Karnataka State Climate Change Strategic Knowledge Portal ( developed under DST-SPLICE project ongoing at EMPRI. The information on butterflies across regions, seasons and years along with the climate data will help to monitor the biodiversity of butterflies and correlate with climate change. Anyone interested to know more about the butterflies in Karnataka can access the Dashboard of the Karnataka State Climate Change Strategic Knowledge Portal.


How to download the Android Butterfly Identification App (BIA)?