About Us


Environmental Management & Policy Research Institute (EMPRI) is an autonomous institute established by Government of Karnataka on 17thSeptember 2002 under the Department of Forest, Ecology and Environment. The Institute undertakes applied and policy research and also endeavours to provide capacity building trainings on concurrent environmental issues relevant to the society. Services provided by the institute seek to encourage and enable government, industry and civil society to safeguard and manage the natural resources effectively. It is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960.

EMPRI's 'Hasiru Bhavana'

Keeping in line with EMPRI's commitment to protect and improve the environment, both the Main and Annexe buildings are constructed incorporating the 'Green Building Concept'. The salient features are:

  • Reduced carbon footprint while maintaining the ecological values of the site.
  • The indoor built environment quality has been optimised in terms of visual and thermal comfort through adaptive climate design features.
  • The energy demand has been reduced by adopting passive design features, efficient lighting fixtures and other appliances usage.
  • Integration of renewable energy to reduce dependency on external grid.
  • Adoption of Rainwater harvesting techniques.
  • Use of low energy intensive materials and technologies.