Guidline for Internship

a) Normally internship for up to 2 months will be permitted.
b) Interns working on ongoing projects and contributing to projects, say by the way of survey and data collation, data analysis, report writing, power point presentations preparation, literature survey etc can be paid stipend of Rs. 5000/month or accordingly on pro rata basis for the period of internship.
c) During field work, an intern would be eligible for same rate of different allowances (daily allowance, travel, accommodation etc) as in the case of an EMPRI Project / Field Assistant.
d) Stipend and allowances will be paid from the provisions made under a project.
e) Interns who do not join under an ongoing project will be charged a fee of Rs. 2500/month.
f) Interns can use institute facilities during the internship period.
g) A certificate of internship would be awarded to an intern subject to completing the internship period and submission of internship report.
h) An intern will indemnify EMPRI in writing against any losses/injuries suffered within or outside the EMPRI campus during the period of internship. An intern is not considered to be under employment with EMPRI during the internship period.
j) An intern will have to make her/his own staying arrangements during the internship period. 


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Applicants are requested to send your application forms to by

02 June 2023, 5:00 PM. 

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   Name of the post  Tenure  Last Date to Apply  Download
 01  Research Scientist   One Year (Extendable)  02 June 2023    Click Here 
 02  Project Scientist -II    One Year (Extendable)  Click Here
 03  Research Associate_DST  One Year (Extendable)   Click Here 
 04  Research Associate  One Year (Extendable)  Click Here
 05  Senior Research Fellow  One Year (Extendable)  Click Here
 06  Project Associate II  One Year (Extendable)  Click Here
 07  Project Associate I  One Year (Extendable)  Click Here
 08  Technical Assistant  One Year (Extendable)  Click Here